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Monarch Counseling

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Inviting change into your life is scary. Taking this step to open your life and your Self to “new and improved” ways of living is courageous! My hope is to assist you in empowering yourself by facing the challenges and fears of life. Acknowledging our difficulties and fears allows us to be open to the changes we resist and to embrace the freedom this brings. This freedom then brings us to a place where positive change and amazing growth can begin.

Addiction is one of the leading challenges we face in society. My specialty is working with families of those who are suffering from addiction. My passion is helping both the person with addiction and those who love them to understand themselves and each other and to develop life strategies that offer freedom, strength, and serenity

My goal is to guide and empower individuals, families and couples as they navigate through the challenges of life that lead to positive change and growth. I would love the opportunity to speak with you.

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