About Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County (CDSOC)

Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County (CDSOC) was founded in 2003 to advise couples in Orange County and in Southern California about out of court options to traditional divorce litigation, including Collaborative Practice.

Our group consists of experienced family law attorneys, licensed mental health professionals, and credentialed financial professionals, all of whom are specially trained in Collaborative practice, mediation, and conflict resolution.

Our members have personally observed the damage done to families by the traditional court process, especially children. Members of Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County have adopted the team approach to furnish you the best possible legal advice, emotional support, and financial guidance.

CDSOC’s family law attorneys guide you through the legal process to reach a settlement both parties can live with that is fair and respectful. CSDOC’s mental health professionals coach you to help you manage your anxiety and stress; help divorcing parents create a reasonable, practical parenting plan; and allow your children to have a voice and feel secure and safe during the divorce process. CDSOC’s financial professionals will educate you on your options for dividing your assets and work with you on budget planning for maintaining two households.

Working under the Collaborative practice model, the result is a transition guided with respect and compassion in a non-adversarial way so families can make the best possible decisions about their future.

Our Vision & Mission

The vision of Collaborative Divorce Solutions is that family-centered out of court solutions are the preferred way to divorce.

Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County’s Mission:

Is to educate the public about a healthy divorce process for couples and families; provide the highest quality education and training for divorce professionals; provide a team of support to stay out of court.


Leadership: 2020-2021 term

Executive Committee

President:John Denny
President Elect
Vice President
Leslee Newman (with Bruce Fredenburg)
Secretary:Paula Swenson
Interim Treasurer:Kristine Rushing


Committee Chairs

Bart Carey
Membership Committee:  Amy Clews
Training and Education:Carol Hughes
Diana Martinez
Speakers Bureau:     Cathleen Collinsworth
Member at Large: Jennifer Webb



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